Following projects were executed for clients in different parts of the world

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Middle East

Catering building, consolidation centre, central plant and security gate at new passenger terminal building II at Kuwait international airport, Kuwait
New chemical warehouse, Iraq
KOC & KIPIC new pigging station, Kuwait
Mina Al Ahmadi refinery gas train 5, Kuwait
RIU hotels & resorts at Deira island, Dubai


Kingisepp phosphorit complex comprising of 3,000 MTPD ammonia facilities and 4,000 MTPD urea facilities, Kingisepp
Udokan mining complex, Udokan
Arctic LNG2 GBS2/GBS3 project, Murmansk
Kazanorgsintez 250 MW combined cycle power plant linear pipeline facilities, Kazan


150 MW cogeneration power plant, Taraz
Future growth project FGP-3GP-CCEP-MEI insulation, Tengiz
Shaulder 50 MW photo voltaic power plant, Shulder
Karachaganak expansion project, Aksai
Future growth project flare, Tengiz
Sour water stripper water treatment recovery plant, Atyrau
Topsides of Kashagan experimental program cluster 4 (EPC4), Caspian sea
Eurochemsulphuric acid plant and phosphate plant, Zhanatas
Eskene West non-rail project, Atyrau
Zhaikmunai complex gas treatment plant, Uralsk
Orken village accommodation block 7602, future growth project, Tengiz
5312-SE-EI (electrical and instrumentation) future growth project, Tengiz
K-500-183-ON-3GI (buildings, equipments, electrical and instrumentation) future growth project, Tengiz
K-500-178-ON power distribution construction package future growth project, Tengiz
External civil works in Bonatti hub, Tengiz


Sylhet gas field condensate, motor spirit and fuel gas pipelines, Sylhet
Natural gas pipelines, regulating metering station and customer metering station, Sylhet


Vessel Y132, Goa
35 Ton bollard pull tug, Udipi
Marine wet compartment, Kochin
HSL yard vessel VC11184, Vizag